Introductions in Panhellenic & International Conferences

1.    ''Application of one original quality system in the educational process. The case of the department of informatics in the

        Technological Educational Institute of Lamia ''

                                                Salonica  21-22 November 2008       3rd Panhellenic convention  about  Standardisation and Quality

2.   ''The self-evaluation of the educational work of a school unit as an attept to apply the CAF - Common Assessment ''

Salonica  21-22 November 2010      4th Panhellenic convention  about  Standardisation and Quality

 Introductions on in - Service Training Programmes for Civil Servants hold by the National Centre of Public Administration & Local Government (Ministry of Administrative Reform) . SUBJECT : '' The Common Assessment Framework - C.A.F as a tool for Total Quality Management ''

     -   Western Macedonia    2009   Kozani

     -   Central Greece            2009   Lamia

     -   Thessalia                     2009   Larissa

     -   Central Greece            2010   Lamia


     -  '' The art of Quality ''  - Gartsionis Evangelos  ( to be published )

     -   Teaching Notes & Aids - Typology concerning Total Quality Management, uploaded on the electronic platform E-Class 

         for the Technological Educational Institute of Lamia.

 Supervision of Technological Educational Institute of Lamia students thesis (2007 - 2010)  

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    ''Approach to the systems of Quality Cost  Analysis ''      Manager magazine,  June 2008,  issue 27, pg 19